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Artificial Grass High Quality - Taurus
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Yangzhou Chelle Yarns Technology Co., LTD
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Product Specifications
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  • Size

    2M*25M; 4M*25M; Customization Supported



    Application field

    Landscaping: Garden, Industrial Parks


    UV Resistant & High Quality PE+PP

    Minimum Order Quantity

    1000 SQM

  • MaterialPE+PP
    Yarn ShapeC shape 
    Pile Height 25mm / 30mm / 35mm / 50mm
    Gauge 3/8
    Stitches / 100cm160 / 200
    Density / M216800 / 21000 
    Customization Supported

    Taurus Grass: This is a best seller from the natural look range. Combines luxury with a natural look. The C shaped blade offers excellent bounce back. Pamper your toes whilst walking on this beautiful lawn.

    Zodiac Sign: Taureans are extremely patient, practical, loving, and reliable. Their determination and practicality makes them very successful in life. Peculiarly, Taureans can be both, very extravagant for their love for luxury or can be worshipers of simplicity.

  • Hi, dear valued customer. Thanks for visiting our website on Domotex.

    We are a professional manufacturer of artificial grass for more than 8 years. We are your reliable one-stop artificial grass supplier.

    Our factory covers an area of 10,000 sqm with 89 employees. There are 2 fibrillated yarn machines, 6 monofilament machines,3 thatched machines, 24 KDK flat machines, 5 tufting machines and 1 coating line including almost all types of artificial grass yarn which makes us to be one of the best artificial turf manufacturers.

    We believe every client who comes to our family is the angel that we should be grateful for. In a sufficiently competitive market, It would be our great honor and luck to have you choose us as your reliable artificial grass supplier among hundreds of companies in China. Every trust deserves our best efforts with all we have.

    Contact us on today. Let us offer you premium artificial grass with better price
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