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Bellin-Flowtech High Permeability Withdrawl Beautiful
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Qingdao Bellinturf Industrial Co., Ltd.
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  • Size

    2*25M;4*25M;Special requirements can be customized


    Green Brown

    Application field



    PE PP SBR latex PU

    Minimum Order Quantity

    500 square meters ;15 days

  • 1.By adopting the new pervious technology and changing the fixed-point drainage of the conventional artificial turf, the water can be drained more quickly, and the displacement is more than twice that of the conventional lawn products

    2.Improved coating, reduce the weight of the turf while ensuring that the grass has a higher withdrawl

    3.Adopt breakthrough transparent coating to solve the problem of rough appearance of turf bottom ,more beautiful and clean

  • As a preferred artificial grass manufacturer and integrated solution provider, Bellinturf mainly produces artificial grass yarn, artificial grass etc. The annual production capacity of Bellinturf covers 60+ million square meters and yarn quantity spikes to 70,000+ tons.
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