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Zhangjiagang Youzhijie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
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    Spindle grey

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    Floor packaging industry



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    1 set

  • The LVT / SPC floor hot-melt adhesive wrapped automatic packaging machine independently developed by our company adopts PLC intelligent module control system, cooperates with European original hot-melt adhesive machine and high-precision spray gun, and realizes the packaging control method of intermittent processing station to achieve The wrapping speed of 8 to 12 packets per minute can directly match the working speed of the slotting machine at 100 m / min. At the same time, a variety of packaging sizes can be set on one machine, Automatic adjustment of length, width and height of packaging products and easy to use.

  • We are a production enterprise integrating independent R&D, design, production and sales.Our hot melt adhesive automatic packaging machines are used in packaging sections of PVC flooring, stone & plastic floor. Our technology from Taiwan and our domestic market share in China is more than 70%. The belt type automatic packing machine is mainly used in the packing of wood floor, furniture and wallboard.Our automation production integration line series is mainly for whole plant design and layout of SPC/LVT/WPC industry. We have many successful cases in China flooring factories. We have oversea customer in US /Vietnam /Cambodia,etc.
    In order to optimize the process, improve the efficiency and simplify the management, we are dedicated to customize automation solutions for production-oriented enterprises to help them overcome production difficulties such as low value-added labor, high-intensity labor and dangerous operations.
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